The Reaper’s Calling


The Reaper’s Calling

a – Weary upon the sigh,
b – holding fast upon the scythe.
a – The Reaper’s willing to buy,
b – golden flesh as his annual tithe.
c – Slicing through grains to wait,
c – all to fill the yearly freight.
d – Yielding bodies yet to give,
d – so that other’s may set to live.
e – The Reaper sets to the field,
d – Setting today’s count to liv.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.

a – Feeling a little wry,
b – He claps out a cheery fifth.
a – And sets up a frolicking cry.
b – He carries on all a lithe,
c – Quickening his gait,
c – towards those who felt the weight.
d – The Prince of Fate draws upon his knive.
d – And those counting upon his drive.
e – Look to them who yield.
d – wishing he’d leave them alive.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.

a – Clasping upon their thigh.
b – The fellow began to writhe,
a – Praying for it to be some other guy.
b – The Reaper starts to pith.
c – And the first passes through the gate.
c – The rest realizing their strait,
d – Arms themselves with glaive.
d – Despite their defense, they waive.
e – And with cowardice, they kneeled.
d – Littered with attempts to pave.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.

a – Those that submitted failed to comply.
b – Attempted to dull blade with withe.
a – To which they must die.
b – Towards mortality, thought to beautify.
c – Failed to abate,
c – the wrathful slate.
d – Coming upon a scorning knave,
d – the Reaper found someone brave.
e – To which Faith would shield.
d – And time would engrave.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.

a – Towards him they thought to lie.
b – Youth, scorned to compell an aye.
a – The liv, said their final goodbye.
b – Shy child Wiped his tears dry.
c – Thought the kid, time is late.
c – Tis time to live up to Fate.
d – Turning aside, the Reaper gave,
d – a new life to the slave.
e – Pact of Life is now sealed,
d – due to possible ways to stave.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.

d – Life’s willing conclave.
d – Towards those able to behave.
e – What life giveth, death dealed.
d – A close shave.
E – The Reaper’s calling is set to harvest.


Thresholds Of Reality

An Aristotelian reality, a world that was composed of four elements.  Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  Why so few?  Why those chosen ones?  What happens when a person ascribes more fundamental forces to nature?  Aristotelian elements had contributed to the whole field of Chemistry through the field of Alchemy.

Alchemy, was, and still is, a way of finding out about reality, and nature.  As they stumbled in the dark for their understanding of life, so shall I.  One of the theories I’ve been postulating to myself for the past couple of months is a revised “classical elements”.  Consisting of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  Adding in the new elements, Light, Wood, Dark, and Metal.

According to this Smithsonian article;

Alchemy, isn’t without merit.  To my perception, I have seen and experienced a few oddities in Life already.  The following consist of a few rudimentary observations.

  • A freezer heating up the frozen food inside instead of keeping it cool.
  • A bottle of melted butter freezing from the inside out where there should normally be an abundance of internal heat keeping the insides warmer than the outside all the while near a heating source.
  • A “Ghost Attack” that only stopped by saying Jesus’s name while I was sleeping one night.
  • A random flash of fire near a fryer vat that may have been an “electrical charge buildup” (more than likely it was)
  • A little “moth/butterfly” that was darker than the room it was in, in a room that was near pitch black, and was only illuminated by lightning bolts from outside.
  • Several Psychic phenomena of a “transgendered nature”.

Having stated that, I’m curious as to what observations will continue to happen throughout my life will be.  I don’t think we’re anywhere near fully competent with our understanding of Life, and the World to make the claims that we do make about it.

The thoughts that led up to this interest are manifold, but the ideas are based upon the following;

  • We haven’t changed that much intellectually from our ancestral predecessors.  Thus our logical mode of understanding Reality is based off the same cognitive skills.
  • Our world, is a mutual understanding that is generated by social consciousness, and shared through interpretations.
  • Social Learning is how all of our reality is built, and works.  Ie; If one person knows how to do something, another will come along and learn it or steal it.
  • We’re still stumbling within the dark of the cosmic chaos of Reality, the Unknown.  And there is no end to this stumbling.  We only have a worldview that is built upon our a priori assumptions.

Thus “drinking” this cosmic kool-aid of a worldview that is built from assumptions that are generated, and created by our fellows.  It would seem to me that by having a social reality where our works are socially implied.  Meaning we’re capable of suppressing realities we don’t like, or agree with by excluding it from our social reality.  Ex;  If you’re a white person who doesn’t like blacks, you exclude Africans from your worldview.  Thus rendering their whole ontology/physics/metaphysics, and perspective invalid to you.

This ties in with language.  If you know, and speak the “gay slang” of big hairy men being bears, and as utilized as a coded slang/identifier before the legalization of gay marriage.  You are effectively leaving behind the “cis-gender world”.  A “construct”, just like the “construct” you just entered.

Science, is very similar from my understanding.  If one were to acknowledge that Alchemy is, and was more than the pursuit of “Lead into Gold”, and “Eternal Life”.  One could easily understand that our world is built off their knowledge.  Corpuscles, atoms, and the small elements that make up our world is based off of a lot of their work.  It isn’t invalid, just “shunned”.

Tossing aside connotations of “gay slang” which I regret having forcibly learned from previous employment.  *shudder* I’d rather dabble in the notions of our “construct” being a world in which we are trying to establish a concrete, and mutual worldview.

As odd as it may seem, I feel like I may have had an “out of body” experience within another person’s body.  I do not know with whom, or where said occurrence may have happened.  I don’t even recall that much of the details, for the consciousness seemed to have carried with it some of the physical phenomena (medication) that I was on with it.

I do remember being in a female body, but I don’t recall much else, and for sake of privacy I’m not going further with that chain of thought.

Dancing back to the topic at the start of the post, Alchemy.  There seems to be a way to do such things as I have alluded to within this post.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be happening, right?

I suppose the trick would be to unlock the mechanisms, or to find a way to figure out a reproducible event pathway in order to explore these hidden features of reality more.  That is what I think “science” should be about.  Not “codifying reality” but exploring thresholds into different avenues of potential.  Just imagine, if you had a lover, and you were able to experience their point of view while you were locked in reciprocal intercourse.  It would seem to me that the loving would become all that much sweeter.  You’d know what you’re doing “right”, and “Wrong”… ;D.

Bots and Cans.

The prospect of Artificial Intelligence is the notion that we can create something that replicates our general abilities.  I find numerous problems with the notion of Artificial Development from a “Philosophical Standpoint”.

One of the first is the idea that we can embody what it means to be “cognizant” to an extent that is comparable to a human.  Human’s have essentially been bootstrapped from “ash and dust”.  Primordial clay, in the hands of a “maker”.  Thus if we’re able to rationally conceive of an artificial being we have to ask, and nonetheless answer questions about a lot of our worldviews.

If we can trigger awareness to emerge in inanimate material, we have to look the same way at ourselves.  Thus it both validates, and contradicts several viewpoints.  That of Intelligent Design where a Creator had a hand in making us.  If we create an artificial being.  We have essentially done the same thing.  Thus there is support provided for a Creator.  Along with the notion of a “creator is not necessary”.  If simply due to the fact that it was made from scratch materials.  It was “naturalistic” and made of inanimate components.

Stepping away from those thoughts, is the notion that AI will replace and remove all our work for us.  Is this a valid thought to entertain?  How would a General AI be any different than a Human?  It wouldn’t, and that’s a problem/point.  If a general intelligence level AI was created, and put to work for us…it’d amount to slavery.  They’re sentient, and they have the same level of awareness as ourselves.  Thus ethically, wouldn’t they have the same rights as us to?

Third, if there is a desired “reproduction ideology” of say, creating life.  We can already do that ourselves through having children.  And we haven’t fully explored the human potential.  There are a lot of underutilized, underemployed, and otherwise malcontents that simply aren’t afforded a decent life because they are being left out of the system.

AI probably won’t change that.

Overall, I see the hype and interest in developing artificial intelligence as somewhat of a joke.  Our entire world isn’t so readily understood in the first place, and there are vast vistas of “potential”.  That are simply unexplored.  Take for instance the last post about “Multivariate Logic”.  That’s a thing, three valued logic (True, False, and Uncertain) was an alternative to binary logic for computers.  Binary logic won out because it was “easier” to work with.

Running on with the notion of multivariate logic, if we’re capable of thinking in multidimensional analysis.  Why should we assume a computer is anywhere near capable as we are?  If I’m able to visualize new forms of logic, and patterns within the maelstorm of life, and it’s reality.  Is it safe to assume that a computer that was designed by us to replace us would be able to do the same work as us?  A lot of people probably do think in the classic dichotomy of “Black And White” logic.  You know, either/or, this or that.  With us or against us.

This is basic formal logic.  That is fine, but if the assumption is made that that is the end goal, and final logical process.  Then we have a problem.  To assume that a computer can get to that level, and then build off it.  May be a few assumptions shy of a catastrophe, for don’t know the full envelope of formal logic ourselves.  Multivariate logic, while difficult is still within the grasp of the human intellect.  And then we have to wonder what it means to have a conception of reality in the first place.

Say for instance, that our minds do generate the realities that we live within.  A form of “consciousness is all”, that only the aware have a reality.  This is also probably a mistaken assumption.  For if one were to infer that everything is already conscious it would seem to me that there’d be no point to chasing the rabbit of AI development.  Ie Everything is already aware, so why make something more aware, and not develop our own worldviews?

We may be near an “ai” superevent, but I don’t think we really are.  There’s too many limited domains of knowledge that are being explored, and utilized in our “quest”.  A quest that is drawing resources away from other areas of research in the hopes that it’ll be the “Silver Bullet” to our “reality ails”.  This in itself is a problematic viewpoint.  That there is a cureall for all our problems.  No, this is simply not  true.  If that were meant to be the case, it wouldn’t be much of a reality now would there?

Drink this tonic, and everything thereafter will be perfectly fine.  No religious mumble jumbo, and no intellectual pathways to develop or flesh out.  Just a world of “euphoric bliss” that is at the basest a hedonistic ideal.  It’s like utopia.  In theory it sounds nice, but in reality, it never seems to work.  There’s always a conflicting actor, or actors, that want something different than the ideal.

Rage Against a Dying Light.

A riff, a rant, and a twinkle of light in this dark night.  Let us spin a tale of a soul crossing the threshold of Life into the thereafter.  A story heavily inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.  If it wasn’t canon, it should be, for in my mind, and in my heart.  It chronicles a story of a lonesome wanderer.  A soul lost in the night.  A character that had to default to the epics of bygone eras.  A soul that sought solace with the Lord, but couldn’t find it.  A tale that runs through numerous cantos, and set upon the world a revitalized Italian language.

Italian, the language found near the Holy See.  A language of Love, and a language of potential war.  This and so many more.  That is something for another wandering soul to write.  The story I aim to invoke tonight is a story of a misbegotten one.  One who sought the light his eternal life.  One who coveted none, and couldn’t find love.  Except in the mercy killing blow upon a divine soul.  How could this be?  I do not know entirely.

For here’s the story, or how it should go.  As Jesus went to Hell to rend open the passage way of those that were damned.  Let us assume that Dante sought to follow in his footsteps if only in humble servitude.  The way of Our Lord, and Savior.  A humble supplication to those who are worthy of it.  Jesus, The Son of Our Father.  Jesus the Prophet of Eternal and Universal Love.  He went to Hell to save those of guilt, and of some redemption.  How could we not have this message of strength in our Hearts?

If God were to die, it’d be through his own chosen Sacrifice, it may not have been according to his/her schema.  For the Imago Dei, the image of our creator and Lord.  May actually be a representation of ourselves.  To a Man, he appears as a Him.  To a Woman, a She.  Who’s to truly tell?  Except for perhaps his chosen Son, and maybe his children?  I cannot say.

For the Imago Dei, is the Image found upon our world, a world kissed numerously, and tenderly by a loving God.  A God of Compassion, and Tenderness.  A God that Sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN CHILD to this world.  If there is magic, or power in this world that is beyond the plights of mortal man.  It is within Imago Dei’s Power to Invoke it any night.

To some, I may be a irredeemable sinner.  That is fine, that is their judgment.  Not mine.  If They seek my head for whatever solace they need, so be it.  I will gladly render it to them, for I have not chosen this path voluntarily.  I, who some may know, and others may not.  Have found myself at numerous crossroads, and I have always fought for the Light of Imago Dei.  The Light of God, The Light Of DEUS!

It has been told that is, and was never our place to judge or condemn our fellow man.  Thus who’s to know what’s right?  Am I, a mere man, to be judged to Hellish Existence, for a crime that we all may have committed in our hearts?  Which of the 10 Commandments have you not Violated?  Does it matter if it was in our thoughts, our hearts, even if we never had the “Courage” to follow through with it?  To say, I plotted and conspired to murder a man, neigh a GOD?  That is the highest form of Blasphemy towards our Lord and Savior.

Thus, what am I to say?  Am I to respond, “It wasn’t my Fault!”…, “I was scapegoated!”….that is a Jewish thing, is it not?   To send a goat off to wander in the desert lost for a demon to find?  How about Islam?  Are they any “Safer?”  Christianity?  Just who?  All three purport to worship the same Deus.  And yet, why are so many of them at odds with each other, and their fellow man?!  Isn’t that the high point of Sacrilege and Blasphemy!

Alas, there’s other “Faiths” too…which may work for some, and not for others.  It depends upon how deep into their mysteries they’ll let you, or how far you’re willing to go.  Afterall, why should they open their doors of Truth, and Enlightenment to those “unsavory souls”?

Faith, may be a four letter word in some peoples vocabularies, it’s NOT IN MINE!  Thus condemnation, and vilification that you project upon me, is nothing more than a hatred you should be reserving for yourself.  That Catholic Guilt.  That Shame.  That Hatred for your fellow man/woman.  Just where did you go wrong?!

Am I without Sin?  How could I ever know that?  I can’t, only God can ascribe that position to someone.  And as far as I know it, the only one that retained that honor, and the honors inherent within it is Jesus!

To some, to some, Sin is simply not in their lexicon.  They don’t care for it.  Those are probably the “pagans”…the “Heathens”….that felt like they were forced into a dogma they never understood.  Afterall, a child is baptized at the font before the age of Reason?  How could they even have an iota of understanding of their soul’s “redemption”?  That they were born condemned?  That reeks of Predestination, which as I’ve mentioned previously reeks to High Heaven of an Evil God!

So yes, I was a Catholic, of the Roman Doctrine.  Do I still practice?  Not as much as I should, but do I feel the Guilt?  Not really, and I don’t know why.  I am nothing more than a soul searching.  If, and if you care to lead a sheep astray.  Be wary, for the Shepard does not care for that.

So who, or what am I?  I honestly can’t say sometimes, for all I know I was a pawn to a God that needed an Out.  For the Evil that bound Him/Her, couldn’t, and wouldn’t relent.  Thus what Am I?  AM I WORTHLESS?  Have I no dignity befitting a fellow Human?  That all Humanist virtues that stemmed from a Catholic World Be Forgot?

This I ask of you, all of you who read this, and wonder….what prompted this tonight?  Well, if you were to chance upon any burning body in the street would you extinguish it?  Even if it involved Pissing on it?  Perhaps, I would.

A Confession.

I must confide.  This is the Truth.  I have never been kissed, and that is rather uncouth.  When posed with a question, of who’d I’d rather choose.  Between tall, and limber, or quick and lean.  I chose Tall, and Limber, for the kissing would be all that much sweeter.

A Spark of Flame.

In the twilight hour, when dusk has faded, and when the poets are asleep, does the light of day take hold.  The flame of consciousness, the blessing of life, the ignition of peace.  Hope never dies, nor shall fate.  Destiny is entwined, and Death is a Date.  Never for those in a tender embrace, for Love seals our fate.

As Nietzsche said in Thus Spake Zarathustra, “….It is the stillest words that bring on the storm. Thoughts that come on doves’ feet guide the world….”, part II chapter 44, The Stillest Hour (Wikiquote: ).

Night, not day, is when we find our truest strengths, death is nothing more than motes in the eye of those who are relentless in their pursuit of Life.  An aesthetic life can give way to cold judgement, and within it nothing more than condemnation.  The era of Judgement, and the stillness of the cold-hearted critic.  Giving way, and paving forth a step towards the religious, and the sacrament-ed life.

“Eternity asks you and every individual in these millions and millions only one thing: whether you have lived in despair or not, whether you have despaired in such a way that you did not realize that you were in despair, or in such a way that you covertly carried this sickness inside of you as your gnawing secret… or in such a way that you, a terror to others, raged in despair.” – Soren Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death (Wikiquote: ).

At the liminal peak, the juxtaposition of the lens, you shall find, yourself.  A persona revealed, an identity to be.  A Person who has become “me”.  This is why our ways are different, we aren’t afraid of the cutting blade, nor the burning torch.  We are the quiet doves the brings hope, and faith to the world.  The fires in our bellies cannot be extinguished for we know the Truth, The Joys of Life.

  • Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

As day breaks once again, we find ourselves in a new world, a world of difference and change and as that old Chinese proverb goes; “May you live in Interesting Times.”  A single stray comment that may change depending upon the emotional state one is in.  A descent into the Dark, a pox upon thee.  An ascent into the Light, a blessing at Twilight.

A stray thought about Thomas Paine ( ), In Memoriam; “A Firebrand unlike any other, he set the world aflame with his desire for liberty and patronage of the Truth.  Although a corset maker by trade, he never let his baser instinct take hold, and resort to petty commonness.  He spoke, and yelled for the Truth, and that Truth was Liberty!”

Campus Motto of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, “Lux, Libertas, Veritas”:  Translated from classical latin as; “Light, Liberty, Truth”.

Three simple words, a whole world of meaning.  That cannot be destroyed or effaced, for the Truth shall stand tall.  It shall stand proud, and it shall set all of us free.

Inspiration, once sought flees, and when struck hits hard.  The Muses of Ancient Greece were none other that the loves of the Philosophers.  And the quip of the times, in essence, “A happy woman does not a philosopher make.”.  One has to remember the times, that women were burdened with most of the domestic duties, and when the men retired from whatever service they had publicly, they had time to bullshit, and think.  They conversed.  The joys of the dialectic, the peaceful making, and conversing of points, and arguments.  Is the conflict that begat a whole school of thought,…”What can a poor man do to make a woman happy?”….”what is Love?”…  Romance, and all the poetic eras of thought, how to woo your woman, and not buy her off uncle in concubinage as per Ovid’s thought.

Chivalry is not dead, for it lies in an eternal tryst with True Love which begat eras of inspiration.  A knightly deed though done with purity of heart when knights were considered boastful braggarts, and mere thoughtless brutes.  Elevated a knight to romantic hero, a hero of dashing reknown.  That would dare draw steel against a greater foe for a woman’s honor, and dignity.  Their pride and joy, their desire arose the ire of nations…., Helen of Troy.

A maiden who’s face launched a war that would wage throughout the eras, and cause ceaseless discord to those that fail to honor the legacy of mankind.  The Trojan war, a Trojan condom?  Neigh, I would say, for that is robbing the cradle from the home.  Destroying the joys of fumbling in the dark, or perchance the light for a strange sensation.  Awkwardness for both, and a moment of revelation.  She, or he truly did love me.  They waited, they held their promise, regardless of hell or high water.  They came back.  They never left.

This is what western love is.  Brotherly love can be brutal, or blissful.  Depending upon the Brothers’ involved, and the dynamics they choose to abide by.  Romance should never be harsh, or disdainful, for that is nothing more than a spit in the eye.  Reproduction for nothing more than a mechanical process removes the joy of life.  There is no hope, no home, no hearth….just hellish processing.

So what is Love?  What is Life?  Who’s to say?  All the poets, and philosophers throughout the ages of mankind…Humanity.  They have something to say, and they say it everyday.  I love you, and here’s how I shall show how, and why.

A poem, a stanza, a couplet, and a limerick.  Nightly devotion by your side, or perhaps a enfolding epic composed with you by my side?  I do not know, for I am still single, and yet unclaimed.  I desire life, and yet I must refrain.  My tithe is due, and bills must be paid.  There’s no pillar of light, nor love, just Taxes and Death.  How is this a lovely state?  Bonking each-other for gratuitous pleasure, as per a masturbation accessory, life sized, and full scale!  And yet, and yet, there are those that seek neither and they amuse themselves with their own pleasure, at their own ease.

Are these the ones who are depraved?  Those who aspire to be loved, and to give love…not beastful cravings, and youthful ganking.  The ordering of vestal virgins, brought about through contrived means…is nothing more than the hatred of Ovid himself.  The oldest form of Irony and Satire, when he himself….sold his daughter, or perchance his niece away for some wrongful suitor?  I know not, for that is classical love.  I seek a love that hasn’t yet been written.

Not a love of star crossed lovers, who would commit murder-suicide as per Romeo and Juliet.  The go to love for the Elizabethan Queen.  Not of noble origin.  Not of the selected lot.  Devil be DAMNED!  I’ve chosen my lot.

A Byronic rant?  Perchance a Dream?  No.

The Hammer & Chisel of Reality.

Existence, can be brutal sometimes.  If not downright malevolent either towards us, or towards others.  This can be problematic, but not necessarily so.  This is not the “Root of All Evil”, but merely a way to understand the nature of reality even more so.

Let us say in Platonic thought that with it’s lofty notions of the Ideal, and Forms.  That there is an essence that was missing, and/or lost.  Aristotle started to deal with some of them, but he couldn’t address the full issue, nor in any detail that was more prevalent than the information at that time.

In this day, and age.  We can go back and address so much more.  Let us assume that for Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and the whole ancient philosopher gang that they didn’t understand as much of reality as we do now.  That their intellects were, and as we are too still evolving.  That we don’t have a full grasp of Reality, and we shall never have one that is absolutely complete.

This is the Hammer & Chisel of Reality.  We are each granted a gift of a world that is like a block of marble (or any other stone that you desire).  This block is our consciousness, and our understanding of Reality.  It is who we are, what we are, and how we are seen.  At the base we may safely assume that we are all blind (ignorant), and that it is the blind leading the blind (teachers are still ignorant, just less so).

We also may safely assume that we all could be like “Helen Keller”, a woman who was afflicted with blindness, deafness, and muteness as a child.  She would have had no sensory experience with the world whatsoever had it not been for a mentor who safely took her under her wing, and taught her a form of sign language based predominately upon touch in her open palm.

We are still evolving as a species, our eyesight is, and may be a fairly recent innovation.  Based upon a text I’ve read, most children when they are young draw based upon the shapes that they would feel based upon “texture/form”.  That art has never really been visual based.

Based upon this, it may be safe to assume as a thought experiment, that we are truly blind to the glories of the world we are manifest in.  A form of Plato’s Cave.  A cave in which we have returned to in shadow form, but not as enlightened individuals, but as flames of intellect.  We have seen a Truth, and it is our turn to wander in the dark to provide light to those that are lost (ignorant).

Returning to the Hammer & Chisel, these are our tools, they are our senses, and our modus operandi of Reality.  They are how we construct our vision, and Truth.  Our marble block, in my case granite, is our perception of ourselves, and our place within the greater system of Life.  We have to chisel, and chink our way through our own ignorance by being hammered with the Truth.  We have to sharpen our chisel, our intellect, through repeated grindings upon the stone.

In my view, I ascribe to a form of Neo-Aristoliean Idealism, and it’s coupled with Non-Aristoliean Logic.  Aristotle was a realist, and a devout observer of nature.  If it didn’t exist in nature, it simply wasn’t “real”.  This is an ideal, as in the form of Platonic Idealism.  It is a sub-branch of it.  An offshoot.  There are Neo-Platonics which is what set up the Church in Rome.  This is different.  This isn’t antagonistic to the Church, but more of an approach that may allow a different perspective.

I know, I don’t see myself the way I see myself in the mirror.  Either in the the social mirror, or in the physical mirror.  Even in the mirror in my “psyche” it’s not the true self.  This is because Platonics ascribe to a form of Reality in which there is “illusion”.  This is something that is rejected as a downright lie in a “Aristoliean” worldview.  Neo-Aristoliean is more “suprasensory”.  Most of us are schooled according to Platonic Logic, and his School of thought.

This is a great foundation.  What isn’t is taking it as the absolute truth because it’s not.  Plato, Socrates, Aristotle….et al.  Are merely different thoughts that have been bounced around in this wonderful world called Reality.  In my world, I see various aspects that are so different that I have been construed as insane.

Instead, I’d much rather argue, and prefer “hyper-realist”.  I have seen. “the depths of the abyss”, of Nietzschean thought.  I have, “stripped the masks” of Sartre.  I have, “taken the Leap to Faith”, of Kierkegaard.  And I have tasted the Fruit of Transcendent Thought.

Here is my contribution to this awe inspiring mythos we call Humanity, and the view we have upon this world.  Homo Sapiens was a self referential name which can be problematic.  To me, I may ascribe this notion of thought to a idealistic human that I’ll entitle as of this moment; Homo deus electus Sapiens….which should roughly be translated/inferred as “God’s Chosen”.

This may be a really hard notion to grasp, but it’s a developing life form.  Now hammering out a notion of Truth is this;  Social Mirrors are a projection of our psyche, and how we are seen by Others in the world.  If I act a certain way, or portray myself in a certain manner, others will see me that way.  Social Mirrors are based upon these two thoughts; & .  The first is to be interpreted as us throwing our “psyche out there” for societal evaluation.  The second is to be understood as, us needing a sound board to understand our position in the cosmos.

Ex;  This post, I’m projecting my thoughts out there; Interpretation of these thoughts is dependent entirely upon the reception of the receivers psyche.  Thus it may be diagrammed this way.

Inner thought => External presentation => Either/or (of these two at minimum) -> Correct understanding | -> misinterpretation.  => Evaluation.

And this is cyclic.

What is tricky, and the realization that is key to this is this;  We don’t necessarily need social mirrors of an “outsider/Other”.  We can do it to ourselves with our own psyche.  This is done by holding up a psychic mirror to our own psyche.  For instance, consider doing a self-portrait…how would an artist do it?  Via mirror of course!  We have to self-examine our own thoughts.  This is the “Inner Critic” of Authorship.

The fun, and easy part is sculpting our block into our identity, and our understanding.  The hard part is making others believe it as of this moment.

Let us say for instance, that we are nothing but matter, and energy.  That we have no nature that is predefined.  Other than those two states.  Matter is condensed Energy.  Simple as that.  The current trends in “vogue” is that “all is consciousness”, not so.  Saying that is throwing in the towel.

Here’s some simple facts/thoughts:  The unit of Force (Newtons) is only one measuring unit.  It isn’t the absolute unit.  There are others.  Electromagnetism has a broader spectra than most people are aware of because it is based upon what?  Maybe a few measurements?  The Visible Range of Humans, unless empirical isn’t the full spectra that it is lauded to be in textbooks.  A lot of the Old Work, isn’t Empirical!  It doesn’t apply to anyone who hasn’t done the work themselves.  They had no standard measurements to base a unified system off of.

Most measurements were based upon the regional “King’s Unit”….ie; how big is the “King’s Toe!”?  That varied depending upon the king/monarch, now wouldn’t it?!

The meter is the most accurate, but it’s still a relation between geometric units.

In art, a “Model/Figure” is considered to be “Ideal” at “8 heads” tall.  This is not the only format for a figure to be portioned!  Who established that credo!  I DIDN’T!  So why should I ascribe to it!?  It’s like saying my penis is the golden standard!  It’s pure hogwash!

….this is the Hammer & Chisel of Reality.  Where our observations are being hammered by the forces that be, and by ourselves.  Cease this relentless, traditional approach of, “It’s always been done this way!”…..  Find a common standard, and build from it!  Mine is Scientific Empiricism, that is my metric.

What is Truth?

To me, Truth is a self-sustaining, and self-perpetuating belief.  Ever since Plato, and Socrates in which Plato codified a view of Socratic thought in which Truth is rumored to be the Ideal form of Life, and enjoyment.

To me, at least, Truth is the firmly justified belief that this is a valid worldview, and perspective.  It is the light that we find the darkness at first whether it be in the “Platonic Cave”, or in the days of our lives.  To some, truth is just an illusion, but if this be the case.  What are they referring to, or basing their judgment off of.

Plato’s Forms are a form of demiurgry in which Truth is masked from the conscious mind.  This I believe is a false assumption, one I may be making myself, but I’m not entirely certain as to if it is or not.

To me, with our current philosophical backing of numerous traditions of thought.  It should be possible to revitalize a new form of Truth.  A truth that is more “real” for lack of a better word.  A truth that transcends boundaries of what it is currently limited to.

In psychology, there seems to be a trend towards debasing the truth of the subject.  That the “Depressed” are just “chemically imbalanced” that their grief is “less real”, or shouldn’t last as long as it is, or does.  This I feel is an entirely wrong, and mistaken point of view.  It dehumanizes the subject, and renders them subservient to the whims of the practicing “doctor”.

I have experienced that first hand.  To me, truth isn’t naive realism in which what exists is all that there is.  We have transcended, and reached beyond that point as a species.  Otherwise there wouldn’t be spaceflight, or airplanes.  We are changing nature through being a part of nature.

To “Physicalists”, aka people who are physicists/chemists…etc.  Reality may be reduced to fundamental components.  Atoms, quarks, and gluons.  Not always true, for there comes a time when an object loses its properties because this is not the same object.  This should be easily illustrated with the example of a child’s toy.  If it gets broken, it’s not the same toy to the child.

As “scientists” we are also called upon to “remove” ourselves from the system, and try to be objective as possible.  This is impossible.  We are all relativistic observers.  Simply based upon our past experiences, and trends in thought.  Key, if I didn’t believe the way I do, this post would never have happened.  And thus, there’d be no points of data for other observers to witness.

To me, Reality, which is Truth, Exists.  This is not a point of argument, it is unequivocal.  Something has to exist, for there to be something.  A person who “extracts” themselves from the system in which they live, while possible, can’t extract themselves from their own observations.  They still exist.

What is open for debate, is this, what Exists?  If we can re-engineer spacecraft, and flight.  Along with all the other theories that are developed by scientists, or thinkers around the globe.  What can’t exist?  Magick?  Who knows?  If it is a belief that is supported by the paradigm of Reality, why not?

For instance, if I were to genetically engineer a horse into having a horn upon it’s forehead, and to appear as if it was a unicorn.  Is it a unicorn?  At what point does fiction pass into reality?  One could argue, no, it’s not a unicorn…you just modified a horse.  Although if it becomes a true breeding species, what is it then?  Just a horse with a horn?

Postmodernism dictates that the “Author is Dead” that the works that are created are left in a void of thought.  This is a false thought.  If I were to be killed, and extracted today.  No one, I repeat, no one would be able to continue my work.  Not even God himself would be able to pick up the pieces that would be left behind.

This is due to the accumulated experience that the “Author” has had throughout their lives that led them down a set path.  This is why I hate some notions of time travel.  The idea that, “oh, it didn’t go well for me.  Thus I need a safety loop to save me from my own mistakes, and stupidity.”

Why?  A person who doesn’t learn from mistakes is ignorant, and are just as prone to repeat them.  We need our failures.

We are all creating models of Reality within our minds, and within our surroundings that support our then understanding of reality.  This is fine.  What isn’t is forcing others to Obey our models.  Why should I have to “vote for a particular party”?  Why should I have to toe this line if I don’t believe in it?

I shouldn’t have to.  This is where we get back to Truth.  Socrates died for what he believed in.  His Truth.  He took his hemlock and drank it.  He fortified his conviction in the Truth by doing so.  If one isn’t willing to stand up for their own Truth, who are they?  Are they a coward in the Dark?  A failing of their own spirit?  I don’t know.

I stand up for my truth.  Even if it condemns me.  This is a lesson we may learn from Socrates with his Hemlock.  Truth must be defended, and encouraged.  There are those who simply don’t like to hear our Truth.  Our worldview, because it contradicts their safe environment.  That is just as fine.

Truth is our light in the dark.  Truth is our only flame of reference.  We have to present our Truth Faithfully, or be damned.  For we are our own Truths.

What is the Dream?

A world without war?  A world without peace?  What is this dream?  The American Dream?  It is, and shall always be, a world of the Free.  For without War, there’d be no struggle for survival, no advancement of Humanity, for all our advances come from the age old problem of, “how do we survive in this struggle with life?”

To me, the American Dream, is an individualized dream, a personalized dream, where everyone has the ability to choose, and live their own life.  A life without sin, a life without grief, a life without a dominating authority, a life of choice.  A life, where all are free to make their own decisions, and a life where they must, and are likely to pay for those decisions.

In some sense, a euphoric trip in “heaven” would be bliss, but also hell, for we were, and still are “fallen”.  We were made by a benevolent god, but what was the cause?  His amusement?  What about ours?  Aren’t we entitled to our own choice of whom, and what to follow and believe?  Why should you, or I have to answer to a figure that made us solely for his, or her amusement?

It’d be no different than building, and making a pleasure bot for ours.  A forced sex slave.  Why?  How is that ethical?  Is it even sane?  I’d say no.  We need Sin in this world, and we need Death, for it builds and strengthens our character.

We are humble, and we are proud, but not of ourselves, but of our world, and the work we can, and shall accomplish.  American Exceptionalism is this, a sense of Freedom, and Liberty, a sense of Justice for All, as far as man can provide.  This is what Life entails, a chance to fail or succeed.  The choice is entirely yours, and it is mine as well.  There are so many options to take in life, and so little roads to follow sometimes.  We are often corralled into paths, and options that we had no say over.

From the guilds of Europe, to Parental family lines, and trades.  There is simply no choice.  We can’t choose our parents, nor can we choose our family.  We can choose our friends, and our acquaintances.  We CAN, and Shall choose who, and what we are.  There is simply no other Option.  For if that weren’t true, why would we be here in the first place?

There’d be no reason, this is something I refuse to believe.  If Sin is a world out of touch with God, I have been there, and I don’t know why.  It wasn’t my choice, I have been condemned, and judged harshly, but like Job.  I had no other choice.  I feel like I have been forced, and coerced into selling my soul to the Devil of Jesus Christ.

This is something I hate Christianity for.  The gall to offer the choice of, our world of Death, or Your Death for our cause.  That is something that reeks of Self-Righteous smugness to Heaven.  In other words, Pride.  And if God is Proud of his (or Her) creation, He (or She) should be accused, and held to the same standard of Satan/Lucifer for his Pride.

I am a “Man”, but that is just a “word”, and Christ brought us “words”, so what?  Does that make him the only “redeemer”?  I think not, that is why I choose voluntarily to abscond from the Catholic Faith.  It is so, …… disgusting.  Death, or the Cross.  A crucified man upon a stick.  How lovely, and brotherly is that?  Not very.

If this is a religious rant, than I’ll be damned, but I have done so already.  I lost my faith before it was formed.  I have always been in the Dark Night of the Soul.  I was a melancholic (according to their seasonal dogma) that was raised in a house that contained a Vietnam Era Vet.

If anyone knows the true Evils of War.  It is them, a war in which two drastically different cultures clashed.  The East, of the Orient, is a whole different world in every aspect from the Western Culture of Rome.  Rome proselytizes, the Orient does not.  This is, and was probably why so much killing has happened the past few decades within this past century.  This has been an era of Death.

Is this simply because of a corrupt god?  A god that has no good Faith?  I don’t know.  God is a mystery.  Fine, but don’t drag those into your faith, and then withhold their freedoms, and rights to know to a limited few.  The Blind leading the Blind, and in the World of the Blind, The One-Eyed Man is King, right?  Does this imply that the Catholic God only has one eye?  That he is half blind?

If so, then that is a wounded, and dying god, but like the movie, “Passion of Christ”, which I have not seen!  I must re-learn love, which I heard from one of the songs within the soundtrack I picked up from a “grey-market” (an un-official location).  Does that mean that I bought a Sin?  That by buying an item from such a location, I have committed a crime against GOD?  Then Why does anything exist?

I fell out of the paradigm in Elementary, more than likely 5th grade.  I can’t remember the full details as to why, or how.  It just happened.  It was an accident, but everything happens for a purpose.  If so, then why does a god need to Kill his own Damn Son?  Did the Son, step out of “Line” one too many times?  You know, “come here boy…it’s time to get disciplined!….*(SMACK)*”.  If so, that is inhumane, and sadistic.

And yet, I have to admire the very strength it too Jesus to Live, and suffer.  I can’t justify his story in any sense, and I don’t know what sort of rationale I would need.  Although, GOD is not supposed to be “explained”….then why Job?  What was his problem?

Apparently, it was a wager, and that was it.  I wagered my Soul, a concept I feel I may have been coerced into believing since I was baptized as a child before the Age of Reason.  Am I a Sinner?  I don’t think so, I don’t feel “Evil”, and I don’t act like the “Devil”.  I just don’t get this.  This Moral Absolutism, and yet….I don’t get “Moral Relativism” either.

Thus what am I?  This is what this blog is about.  This is what my Life is going to be about.  I have made my decisions, and I’m perfectly willing to suffer, and Die for my Faith as Jesus did for his.

And yet, this is not necessary.  I’ve already embraced my impeding demise, and I feel like I’ve been dodging Death since the Day of My Birth.  I was born with a stomach infection.  That was it.  Apparently that was enough to render me extremely depressed, and to a life sentence of Doom.

Therefore, I feel this Dream needs a new tune.  A tune in which people have Choice, and an ability to choose.  If they must suffer for their faith, so be it.

If one really cares, I wagered, and made a Faustian Pact/Contract with the Devil for the Culture/Soul of Humanity.  IF I were to go, so would he, and God…., perhaps.  That act was entirely voluntarily, and made freely in part under duress.  To which I argued relentlessly, and constantly while still under duress about the unethical bind I was put in, and through.

If God wants my soul, he may have it.  If the Devil takes it, God Damn Him which he already has.  To me, I merely wanted to live a peaceful, and humble life.  One where I could be an Artist, and a Sculptor.  That dream died, for a bit.  I have become a Chemist, and possibly a “Polymath” (debate pending).  This is my time, as it is yours.

If I were to “Win this wager”, and to be in “charge” of Humanity.  The sole wish I would have would be for to Humanity to perpetuate, and thrive.  To live long, and prosper.  To be Fruitful, and Multiply.  As per my life decisions, and personal beliefs, I would knowingly grant, and return every item that “Humanity” created, and that I “won”.  To their Proper creators, and owners.

This notion of a “Demiurge”, is Fubar.  A creator should be able to create what they want to create, peacefully, and with the help of their chosen deity and/or profession.

There are Professionals in War, they keep us safe.  There are Professionals in Peace, they keep us Safe.  There are Professionals in Life, and they keep us alive…..this can be said about everyone under the Sun.

To me, the first profession, and Job was Defender, and Lover…if not Creator.  Enjoy Life, but in Moderation.  As per the Golden Mean.

Peace Out.

Shadows on the Wall.

A direct reply to “Stepping Out of the Shadows,…”, and at the response of a comment made asking for this start.

So overall this line of reasoning I’m developing is based upon a concept I’m toying with called, “Plato’s Relativistic Cave”.  As someone who went through college at an undergraduate level as a biochemist.  I tend to think more in an “Empirical” manner.  Meaning, I tend to collect and accumulate thoughts over time until there seems to be a big ol’ “Brain Burst” of thought/action.  Some ideas are just born that way.

To start with, if we were to take Sartre’s notion of “Masques” (term change because I’m creating another new concept as I write), as a person’s sense of Authenticity emerges.  We may be born with multiple identities, and personas.  You know a sort of Jungian “archetypes” that we embody.  Running with this as I riff upon this idea, a person has a sort of innate God-Given, and God-driven nature.  Their soul if you will.  This is something that conceptually, I think takes time.  You aren’t you overnight.  You aren’t necessarily you tomorrow either.  We are all works in progress.  Not spontaneously generated completely formed humans.  At least I hope not.

Thus with this notion of Masques, lets say that I’m at work today (which I’m not), and I have to act/portray the part authentically.  You know, I’m fulfilling this role today, and I’m doing it right now.

We decide to put on our “mask” as we are called to action, and with that we start to build upon our “Masques” for our own personal Masquerade.  As Shakespeare, may often be quoted as saying, “Life’s a stage…”.  Well, if that be the case, we are playing the part in Plato’s Cave.  There are shadows upon the wall, we don’t always know who we are, and we may convincingly fail our role upon failure of Ethics/Mores.

This I think may be termed, “Ego Death”, a road to Despair, but not necessarily True Despair.  True Despair, is Isolation, Condemnation, and Judgment to Hell by, and for God’s Will.

I was just recently thinking about “Predestination” within the Christian Faith, and it occurred to me before I was called upon to write this post that in that vein.  God, if he so chooses, could Condemn, Judge, and Isolate a Soul/Entity to Hell for pure spite.  This would be the definition writ large of an Evil God.  One I would Knowingly, and Voluntarily choose to ignore completely.  In fact, it may actually be the spiteful Devil, The True Root of ALL EVIL as we know it.  Not just to our personal conceptions, but to others, and the OTHER.

This would be a force that would seek to Destroy all meaning, and life itself out of agony of Despair.  This may have been Nihilism to some, but in my conceptions I have re-purposed Nihilism into a Tool.  A tool to construct, and rebuild Faith.  It takes time, things die, that is the cycle of Life.  A God may Die, but with that A God may be Born.

Let us say, “Jesus Died upon the Cross, so that Man may become God.”….Catholic Catechism, essentially.

So if we to run with is idea a little further, we may safely assume that a God, not necessarily The God, which I knowingly call Deus, for he arose during, and from Roman Times during a possible Imperial Era of Rome.

Our Sacred Seat for the Christian Faith is found in Italy, the Papal See.  It may be safe to assume, to a limited degree that this may be a sacred site.  To a good portion of Humanity.  If not most presently.

So if A god were to die, it would be up to our powers of Faith to bring them back to life?  Is this a possibility?  Why not?  If Jesus died upon the cross for us, may we not die for Him, and His Father?  Can our voluntarily sacrifice, save our souls, and his, along with Deus Almighty?  Why not?  This is what I believe.

This too, is something that I’m experimenting with myself for my personal conception of Faith.  I’m starting to consider myself as more of a pagan now, but I highly respect the Church of Rome, for what they have done.  They have brought us the Word of God, and have illuminated our World.  This is the Truth.  This is what I believe.  Suffering is never in vain.  There is a purpose to our existence, and our purpose is to live our Life, and our Lives faithfully, and Securely.  Is that not a potential message of Love brought to us by Jesus himself?

One thing that I found humbly loving was the “Baltic Way of Life”, which is when the Balts in 80’s-90’s united Hands in Union to signify their intended Borders for their Country, and their worldview.

This was a highly contested area in the 800’s to the 1200’s A.D.  This is due to the Baltic Crusades, which as far as I know forcibly converted pagans to Christianity by Fire & Sword.  Blood will always be spilled for a cause, some of it Righteous, some of it false.  We have to let our Inner Convictions Guide us.  It will be difficult in life because that is simply how Life is.

It grants, and gifts us with the Will to Survive.  Along with the Will to Power, and possibly a Will to Transcend.  A will to transcend, as far as I’m concerned is the idea and faithful belief that tomorrow will be, and become a better day for all of us.  So long as we have faith in our Fellow Brothers & Sisters.

There is always dark times in the world, and that is where the Will to Survive comes into play.  WE WILL SURVIVE.  No matter how dark this world of life may seem on the surface, there is always a light on somewhere.

And that place is Always a safe home.  Followed by a Will to Power, we can, and will overcome our mutual difficulties, for that is that is a goal Jesus gave Humanity.  The Strength and Courage to love one another, no matter how difficult, and different our times, and faces may be or become.

Finally, the Will to Transcend.  It is based upon the prior two.  It is the Strength of ourselves, and those around us that bring us heart, and durability.  It is the Time that allows us to showcase our differences, and to build our character during difficult struggles.

We Shall Overcome!, isn’t that a universal message of most Faiths, and Religions?  That there is Always a safe place in the world to call home.  This is what I believe.  The world we live in always changes, and that change through brutal sometimes, is often for the better.

And with that, I fully, and firmly believe that Deus will always be alive, there will always be hope, there will always be strength, and charity.  Messages of Love and Peace.  Gifts to Humanity, Love From God.  And Other Affirming messages of who we are, what we are, and where we belong in this mystical Life.  This is a wonderful world, and it takes time to realize it.  God, Love, and Everything may be found Everywhere, if one only makes, and takes the time, and effort to look for it, Faithfully.

“This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” – John, 4:9-12 ( ).

….enjoy my stray commentator, and thanks for the comment again.