So It Begins….

Well, this is another step towards the path of a game developer, and hopefully not the last.  I’ve been working on game variants now for the past five years, and this is the one of the first steps I’ve taken towards publicity of them.  The main game that I’ve been working on has the working title “Decayed Laurels”, and as of last week I’ve decided to take a break from it for awhile so I can regain perspective.


Having stated that, I’ve started on a new game the past week which is tentatively titled “Alchemy”.  It is an RPG system that is based upon the real world alchemy with its abstract symbols, and varied meanings.  The spell/potion system is going to be vague, and players have to derive meanings/effects from the symbols their characters learn in order to create spells to cast and potions to create.  More information will be coming regarding this system as it progresses.


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