Detailing A World

For the past couple of months I’ve been playing a play by email version of the Alchemy rule set with my brothers, and as a result I’ve been able to slowly accumulate details on the Alchemy world.  Considering one of my brothers is playing as a Winnower (more details soon), I’ve been busy coming up with descriptions for the religion of Keulit.

To describe in more detail the faith of Keulit, I’ll start by stating the two major factions that make up the church.  The predominate faction is commonly called Keulit’s Shroud by church members.  This faction believes in the old dogmas, and is actively opposing the new rival faction (Keulit’s Vision).  The doctrines (domains/dogma) of Keulit is Humility, Faithfulness, Order, Loyalty, Duty, Honor, and Tradition.  To put it simply, Keulit’s Shroud is the conservative branch that is opposed to all the change that is happening in the world (printing press type “events” essentially), and is seeking to retain their hold over knowledge/magic.  This is the branch that the generally utilizes the Winnowers.  A Winnower is the equivalent of an Inquisitor from the Spanish Inquisition.

Their opposing faction, Keulit’s Vision, is more liberal and is trying to foster, and cultivate these new inventions/innovations.  This branch is more dynamic, and believes that the Church should change to serve the people…etc.  In order to enact their opinions they have been secretly establishing/dispersing knowledge in the form of universal schooling (free access to texts/magic, and the like).

The entire faith of Keulit is based off of the Catholic Church (with its schisms), and one of the Egyptian mythic deities (namely Anubis).  These reference sources are leading to interesting turns.  For example; Mummies, which are considered a sacred icon to the followers of Keulit are postulated as being clerics (or lay spiritualists) who have lived past their body’s death through shear willpower.  The mummies tend to congregate within one specific city (Modrey) in the world which is considered a Mecca for the faith.  Unlike a normal portrayal of a mummy, these mummies are benevolent, and in order to resurrect a character/person in the lore.  One must regale a mummy with the story of the deceased, and if the mummy sheds tears during the telling.  The one telling the story may collect said tears (Mummy’s tears are a reagent for a resurrection spell).

As a result of this position of “benevolent undead”, there is going to be a restriction of undead monsters.  Namely there aren’t going to be any, or if there is they are going to be very few (namely the mummies, and maybe evil spirits).  In other words no skeleton/zombie armies…etc.