Rot of Ages

So its been two years since my last post, and this blog has been feeling some neglect.  Having realized that, I’d like to present a teaser for what has been my main project the past couple of years.Poster.jpg

Now that that’s out of the way, I will add that instead of restricting myself to game design, and solely game design.  I will now be adding, and posting other thoughts that I’ve been entertaining throughout time.  In an effort to properly develop this blog more instead of just leaving it to decay (possible puns).  This is where it gets into the “Designs” part of the blog.  Such thoughts may include musings on philosophy, game theory, math, 3d modeling, drawing, and other general wonkiness that ensures due to crossing my mental radar.  In essence I’m aiming on this blog becoming a public version of my “collected works”.


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