Language Barriers, and Cognitive Grasping.

Well, another month has just about passed, and I spent another week in the wonderful place called the behavioral health unit, locally.  ‘Twas roughly the last week of Sept in which it occurred, but specific details will be withheld.  In the end, I’ve come to some more realizations.  One being in such place has startling impacts upon a person’s cognition.  There’s probably a whole slew of bias/cognitive effects any psychological types may entertain/play with in said environment, but in essence it was a shake up of the “mundane”.  As a result of this recent shake up, I’ve come to some conclusions that psychological types may/may not find interesting.

Being that to accurately (or at least have an impression of accuracy) have an understanding of one’s mental processes.  One has to at some level take the Other as an Object (dehumanize them, or relate to them, but only with 5-10 minutes because that’s all it takes!).  The Other in this case being the patient, or the subject (eg Me in this context).  Now, supposedly, a psychologist/psychiatrist would understand the workings of the “human mind well”.  Apparently not as well as they’d think, for if one (me again) started arguing/posturing that they (said medical staff) are just using mental models to define/shape to their whim a person’s “future” (future being how they are treated).  That in essence they are fish swimming in water, but unaware of the water in the sense that they think they’re aware of it.  Although they’re really not because one can never escape their own mental model (cognitive bias for the win).

One comes to a realization that I (ego I…not self-referential) can never not be prejudiced.  Sure they may attempt to mitigate said behaviors, but isn’t said mitigation another bias against being prejudiced?  Double Bind!  And being that there’s no objective/empirical test for  schizophrenia.  It is at the basest, a “Word vs. Word”, and being that the med staff have the Rep…their word goes….which is sickening.  Chock up all counter opinion to “Psychosis”!  For how can one fully experience/understand another’s mind?  They can’t unless they are that person.  Thus I strongly feel that the whole field of psychology is sort of “moot/hookum”.  Sure it gives us a language in which to discourse in, but does it really affect said discourse?  Can the social sciences be used in a way that don’t treat subjects as objects?  Don’t know, not my field.

All I know is that it’s sickening being on the “negative receiving” end of this hammer, for there is effectively no actions that I may take to get out of this noose.  I don’t have the social rep/money to “buy my way out”.   There are studies that support the notion that anti-psychotics actually can, and do cause the symptoms of “psychosis” when being withdrawn.  Thus I’m effectively damned if I do, and damned if I don’t.  It’s a condition, I’m told, “I have to live with”.  All because I have ventured into/against the “unmarked boundaries” of social niceness (Sorry the SIGN wasn’t Legible), and probably have caused one to many cognitive dissonance events in some “Authorities” mind.