Myth As Reality

To start with a potential disclaimer;  I have no idea of if the thoughts to be expressed in the following post is valid, or “True”.  I merely mention them for the sake of self expression, and to provoke thought.

Having stated that, I’m personally beginning to feel that Reality is more Myth than a common objective standard.  Solely because of the amount of conflict that has escalated in the American Culture Wars.  From the perspective of a fairly disinterested individual in the thoughts being hurled around.  I would like to state that there at least appears to be “Two Camps” of thought being advocated for.  One of the “Liberal Bent”, and the other of a “Conservative Bent”.

I don’t identify whole sale with either disposition, for they both seemingly have their merits, and their flaws.  Regardless, the item I’d like to point out is parallel to these identifications in the sense that they underlie the seeming conflict in ideology (from my point of view).

The idea/item I’m pointing out is the notion of Myth as World-builder.  We as people are fostered from youth within a set mindset.  That of Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, or what have you (this also includes, but is not limited to Formal Education, Atheism, New Age Beliefs, or whatever).  I’m calling it ALL out, for all stem from a mindset of cultural conditioning and identity.  Racism, cultural conditioning.  Sexism, cultural conditioning.  Class-ism, cultural conditioning.   Nations, cultural conditioning.

Everything, and I do fully mean everything that one encounters in their daily lives, and from their own point of view is seemingly conditioned, and a myth.  A narrative of Life that we, or one can live by.  I’m not implying that such a behavior is either good, or bad, for that is another set of culturally conditioned thinking.

What I’m actually saying though is the thought that our Reality is fully manifested via ourselves from the Myths and thoughts that we believe.  Not some pseudo-“Law of Attraction” thing, but more of a this is what happens when one believes in something, and they act upon said belief.

A concrete example;  Does a Country exist?  Let’s take the United States as example.  In theory/thought it does exist, but as a tangible object does the “United States” exist outside our mindset?  Suppose you were a native of Mars, and completely foreign to the notion of Earth’s History (Shout out to Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger In a Strange Land”, for the idea inspiration).  To drill down into more personal details, go to you backyard, and grab a fist full of soil.  Is this “DIRT”, a Country/State/Province/City/County…etc?  No, it is a hunk of dirt, but we’re willing to fight, and shed blood for the ideological notion that this is our “Homeland”.  Our “Property”.  Our “God Given Rights”.

This is not so, from my current opinion (notice the caveat).  All that exists within our world is a myth that we’ve concocted to believe in.  Including ourself as ourself.  Digging into this mindset one shall arrive at a notion of what can actually exist?  And what is Authentic?  Does a person actually have a physical, concrete, form/body?  Or could they already be embodied in some form of an “Afterlife” (spiritual/virtual dimension)?

Now isn’t this too “Myth-Making”?  That I’m establishing postulates, and characteristic ideologies that espouse my mindset?  All of these words should effectively mean nothing to you, as a “Realized Individual”.  They are effectively another school of doctrine/thought that espouses to hold the “Absolute Truth”.  This not so, for the only Truth that a person may ever have is THEIR TRUTH.  Enforcing it upon another, or getting up in arms about it is no different than all the crusaders, jihadists, inquisitors, and other cultural zealots that fight for, or fend off “attackers” from other “Cultural Mindsets”.

This should all be fairly easy to see, for the first component of a “Culture”…is a “Cult”.  Note:  None of this forebears sharing your ideas, or beliefs.  It simply means that trying to ram your thoughts home, and to “convert followers”…is somewhat offensive.  Especially, to those who aren’t deigning to be fully involved in the present cultural (CULT) wars.


2 thoughts on “Myth As Reality

  1. “It simply means that trying to ram your thoughts home, and to “convert followers”…is somewhat offensive. ”

    While I’m not going to claim I’ve conclusively studied the history – I believe that the sentiment above was one shared by the US’s Founding Fathers, as such a sentiment can logically lead to many of the rights and principals that are enshrined in the US Constitution (and many of it’s amendments), along with the US Declaration of Independence, and even the original relationships between the various levels of government. …all of which is something that seems to have been lost/forgotten in this current tug-of-war between the two different extremes that are trying to wrestle for cultural control/dominance.

    BTW – if you haven’t been following Scott Adams’ blog, he’s mentioned a concept that’s essentially the same on occasion, but with different terminology (i.e. “little movies in our heads”)

    One final note/question: If you’re aware of it, what difference does it really make? To refer to a saying we using frequently at work: “All models are wrong, some just happen to be useful” and to me it seems that no matter what you call it (“myth”, “little movie in our heads”, etc) it’s a model of reality that isn’t completely “right”, but can be very useful — not to mention it can be updated as needed (assuming you’re aware of the notion — and humble enough to realize your prior model needs to be updated because it was “wrong”).

    • A couple of thoughts in response, even though the sentiment is enshrined in the US Constitution. It doesn’t imply that anyone believes in it. Otherwise there’d probably be no Cultural War going on presently (endlessly). Just the other day I saw an article espousing the idea that if Trump destroys the American Way. We would be left with a vacuum in which to experiment with a new political structure. Knowing you, that would be offensive.

      Yet cultural/moral/ethical, or what have you relativism says that no method (essentially idea) is more valid than another one. Ex; Standing/sitting under a “sword dangling by a horse hair” (Sword of Damocles) would generally be inadvisable, but it’s still a valid idea/way of life. It’s threatening, but one doesn’t know when/if they’re going to get skewered.

      Heard of Scott Adams concept about little movies in our heads. It’s an old one, the local radio station makes a quip about it as a regular “ad”. Not Scott Adam’s reference per say, but something along the lines of “listen to the radio until the movie starts playing in your head type thing”.

      In regards to your final question/note; Being aware of it, and acting upon it are two different things. It’s probably easier to be aware of it, but to act upon/under the notion that this “mindset” is just a model is a little bit harder. Take for instance in order to have/live Life. You have to start acting according to your model. If your model is wrong which is a guarantee. How can you have an “effective life” (what is the foundation of your life)? Logically you can’t be certain, and if you keep shifting/tweaking your model you’re considered to be “Inconsistent with your Mindset/Integrity”. Ie…you’re schizophrenic because you’re now “unpredictable” by other’s standards.

      I mean how many “names” do we have as a society for those that change their “values” at a “whim”? Hypocrites, indecisive, amoral…etc? Effectively, I think you can be aware of it, but at some point you have to “buy into” a common “model” (socially approved madness/delusion…instead of being idiosyncratic…which implies “Schizophrenia” because it’s not the “Social Norm”).

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