The Hold My Beer Aspect of Thinking.

Some things make sense, somethings don’t.  It’s when they make sense is when you have to test the thoughts either by proving them yourself, or against another.  We need to soundboard out our own logic, and thoughts for we can make an easy assumption that we’re all unsteady thinkers.

We’ve hit some sort of point in life, and in reality where we’re able to impact it according to our whims. Actually we’ve probably always been able to do so.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be actors in Reality.  We’d be objects, and well there’d be no real interactions.   It’d be just like a blade of grass swaying in the breeze with no one to even acknowledge that it’s doing so.

Thus, when it comes to thinking, it’s better to be somewhat doubtful instead of overly confident.  I can think that, but maybe I should have someone else think along with me.  You know distribute the problem.  And it doesn’t have to be to the same people you actually like!  It may actually be fun, if not funner to throw those really weird thoughts out there to those parties that you seem to jar/disagree with.

You know, “HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU THINK THAT!” type of reaction.  And that may be enough of a jarring to get one to reconsider either their notions, or for the “opposing party” to question their own notions.  And if you can clearly think it, it doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.  Hence an aspect of, “Hold my beer”, in thinking.

An example of this; The effects Hitler had on a generation was a great thing, and in turn the person that was Hitler wasn’t as evil as commonly portrayed.

To defend this notion, think of the Holocaust, yes it happened, but think of the reactionary events against it that happened after it was revealed.  People started to realize and understand on a deeper level what a human can do to each other when blindly lead.  And it put doubt/questions on the value of a “Heroic Strong Leader” that can brute force, or bend their opposition to heel.  Yes, millions of people died from the ensuring genocide that Hitler enacted, but how many more where saved?

The very institution of the Concentration Camps, caused us to revisit, and revise thoughts about eugenics and what it means to be human.  Eugenics, as far as I remember was originally an American thought, and it was slowly building up in America before Hitler came about in Germany.  Thus if Hitler didn’t happen, we’d likely have a greater impetus to destroy “undesirables” today.  If simply because the thought patterns would’ve continued slowly, and somewhat benignly.  A slow growth, and gentle eradication of “the unwanted”…, and with that thought we get to the point where there likely would’ve been an extreme narrowing of the Human Experience/Character.

There wouldn’t be any of the symptoms we witness today.  No gays, no queers, no autistic, no down babies….etc.  No schizophrenics, no depressed, no bi-polar…etc  Simply because of the extremist position, and sudden lurch to it that Hitler enacted.  We can say that there is now many types that are alive today, if not most of us, that can actually make an effort at enjoying life.

The same, or a similar thought pattern can/could be applied to Religion.  The Catholic Church, when hit by Luther’s Reformation Hammer, caused a major upheaval in the social order of the day, “What the peasantry reading?  In their own common tongue nonetheless, absolutely preposterous!  I’ll stick to the educated man’s tongue of Latin, thank you very much!” (Not always connected, but some events precipitate others).  The Protestant reformation was a huge thing, in some ways it lead to the American Experiment.  And caused numerous fiefdoms/princes/kings to butt heads in all new, and inspired ways.  Also the notion of the printing press.  More books, more readers, more languages…more “thoughts” that need to be “beer checked”.  The same goes for the Internet, more ways to say, “Hold my beer”…cause I’m gonna think something stupid, and try it!

You’ve got to remember, in most situations, it made sense at the time.


Who Wants To Start a Cult?! (A Cultist’s Primer to Cult Formation) (Satire).

So you’ve gotten tired of the mainstream deities, and social formations to be found within society.  You’ve realized that the tenets of their doctrines isn’t benefiting you anymore.  That all the power tends to accumulate to a select few, or those who’ve played the game the longest.  What are you going to do about it?

You could continue to abide by the system, and abidingly wait your turn for the dictatorial rights of position, or you could opt out and ply your own doctrine.  You know, God rewards the faithful, and the adherents of whatever dogma.  It’s just that your conceptions are more “Right”.  At least for yourself.  There’s always the expression that it’s better to be a prince in hell, over a slave in heaven.  You’ve just decided to take the next step, and say we’re all in Hell.  Otherwise this shit wouldn’t suck…  I mean miracles?  Faith Healing?  New Age Rocks?  That’s like saying that bark from certain trees cause pain relief…..sheesh who’d believe that?!

I’ll tell ya who!  You, and Me!  Religion is a Cult, Science is a Cult, Politics is a Cult, Everything’s a Cult-Cult….It’s quite like playing duck, duck, goose (grey duck…cause I’m Minnesotan).  You’re a Cult, and You’re a Cult, and what do you know!  YOU’RE a Cult! (The Minnesotan version describes aspects of the cult…Blood Cult, Green Cult, Death Cult, Sun Cult….because you know what….we’ve already established the majority of us are Cults….we’d have to be to live in a place where Hell Freezes over Regularly).

Thus the first steps towards authenticating your Cult is to seek out a national registry of Cult Surveillance, and Monitoring (In itself another Cult), and ask to be put upon the List.  Surely your choice of List, but that depends upon how Minnesotan you get in the description of your Cult.

Depending upon the agendas of your Cult, you may be authenticated that way, whereas another way is simply amass followers (GOOD LUCK…, because everyone is their own personal brand of Cultist/Cult).

Upon establishing a Following, develop a personal/Secret Tongue to describe the inner workings, and belief systems of the Cult.  Use as many obtuse, and obscure ciphers/references as you can (bonus points if you can convincingly make a Klingon Cult appear Romulan when it is actually a Vulcan Cult masquerading as a Federation Civic Practice).  Get the web of intrigue so built up, and convoluted where no one can follow the methods you’re practicing, and call it Good.  It’d be like a Game of Thrones novel.

Develop legitimacy in the eyes of your followers.  Do so by presenting ideas that you’ve picked up from your other cult memberships, and rewording them in your Personal Cult’s Parlance.  Devise either a Real, or a Pseudo Enemy to Hate (Bonus Points if it’s just another branch of your very own Organization…er Cult….nothing breeds hate like the Schism Hate).

This is done to unify your adherents to one banner, namely your banner.  In the end the goal is to evade Cult Extinction. And if the Cult keeps a Schisming….that’s a good Cult, right?  It’d be like a Hydra.


….Happy Formations, You Cults!